About The Church

The Church of Scotland affirms the central teachings of Christianity. The ministry here at present is evangelical in style and content. We offer our services to all members of the parish for weddings and funerals; we also baptise children and adults who indicate understanding of Christian Faith.

Our hall facilities are used by our Girls Brigade and Boys Brigade, Stepping Stones (Sunday School), Men's Club and Women's Group, and Pennies Retired People's Group. Gamblers Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous meet weekly and a Ladies' Fitness Class also meets twice weekly. Pinewood Special School pupils come during the week for drama and exercise classes. Functions take place as requested throughout the year. Anyone can apply for use of our halls for appropriate events.

We hope that you find our website helpful. You can make direct contact with the person who is responsible for each part of the life of our congregation by navigating the menu.

Thank you for your interest and we wish you God's blessing.


Our New Minister

This is an exciting time of transition for our Parish and with the support of the Kirk Session and our congregation; we would like our new minister to have the capacity to:
 Inspire and nurture us in our faith journey
 Provide approachable, strong leadership
 Help us to reach out to the younger generation
 Listen well and help us to provide quality pastoral care within the
 Build up good relationships with local schools and community
 “Our next minister should be fun and cheery and do good talks for us. I
don’t care what he looks like – he/she just needs to be fun!” (Stepping
Stones quote)



Church Halls

Here is a map of the church hall.


We have two halls available for lat, and kitchen and toilet facilities.

Contact Session Clerk if interested.


Tel: 01506 430731

email: jean.lumsden@tiscali.co.uk


Church History

As early as the 1100’s there has been evidence of the presence of a ‘Church’ in this area, and it is recorded that Blackburn became a Parish as early as 1335.


Since 1560, worship has taken place in Blackburn, eventually through the Church mission in property thought to be The Lindsay Hall.


In 1900 a union was formed by the United Presbyterian Church and the Free Church and this resulted in Blackburn having its own Church, the corner stone of which was laid in 1907, the sanctuary being finally opened and dedicated in June 1908, with the Manse reaching completion in October 1908.


In 1910 Blackburn was granted the right to become a separate charge, forming its own Kirk Session and Congregational Board and Rev Kerr was called as the first Minister.


The charge became known as a Church of Scotland in 1929 and became a self supporting congregation in 1956.

Since its initial construction, the building has seen little change, almost nothing other than cosmetic internally, and minimal external alteration with the exception of the ‘New Hall’ built to replace the Lindsay Hall, which, having been gifted by Rev J. Lindsay in 1936 had served the church well.


The property is in good condition and with the recent addition of the new Manse, is indeed a credit to those who, over the years have committed themselves to its upkeep.

The Church has had a varied and complex life, like so many such establishments in small towns and villages, but during its life it has retained an enviable reputation of a strong and happy family presence within the community.


It has been served by nine Ministers, namely:


Rev Dr. Robert Anderson

Rev Kerr

Rev S.O. Stewart

Rev D.H. Tweedale

Rev D. Sutherland

Rev A. Fyfe

Rev D.C. Stewart

Rev J.A. Fletcher


It is great credit to each of them, and to the many dedicated office–bearers and members that the Church still has its place in this town, at a time when the Christian faith is being expressed and practiced by fewer people.


We hope that you have enjoyed learning a little more about our Church and that you will realise that your participation and continued profession of faith and support are essential to the well being and continued Christian Worship of this community.


Blackburn And Seafield Church Of Scotland

Scottish Charity Number: SCO 24154